Tim Griffin
Executive Director and Chief Curator
ext. 18, e-mail

Kerry Scheidt
Associate Director
ext. 20, e-mail

Keith Ashby
Building Maintenance

Katy Dammers
Assistant Curator and Archive Manager
ext. 21, e-mail

Caitlin Gleason
Manager of Education and Media
ext. 10, e-mail

Eileen Kleiman
Accounting Manager
ext. 19, e-mail

Bruce Lineker
Director of Development
ext. 14, e-mail

Brad Loving
Media and Technology Manager
ext. 28, e-mail

Matthew Lyons
ext. 15, e-mail

Andrew Ricci
Lighting Supervisor
ext. 26, e-mail

Lumi Tan
ext. 16, e-mail

Zack Tinkelman
Production Manager
ext. 30, e-mail

Nancy Kim, Tina Mitchell, Laura Sheedy, Adrienne Truscott
House Managers

Neal Medlyn and Gillian Walsh
Box Office Managers
ext. 11, e-mail


Paula Court
House Photographer

Iki Nakagawa and Al Foote
Video Documentation

Blake Zidell & Associates
Press Consultants

Board of Directors

Melissa Schiff Soros

Chris Ahearn
Vice Chairman and Interim Treasurer

Greg S. Feldman

Matthew Doull
Vice President

Mila Tuttle
Vice President

Douglas A. Hand

Robert Soros
Chairman Emeritus

Laurie Anderson

Judith L. Church

Katie Cusack

Molly Davies

Bryce Dessner

Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo

Charlotte Feng Ford

Julie Graham

Wade Guyton

Marla J. Mayer

Nico Muhly

James Murphy

Oliver Newton

Catherine Orentreich

Benjamin Palmer

Brian Phillips

Matthew Ritchie

Tracey Ryans

Debra Singer

James von Moltke

Philip Glass
Chairman Emeritus

Arthur Fleischer, Jr.
Director Emeritus

Advisory Board

Kevin Beasley
Melissa Feldman
Hal Foster
Alfred Gillio
Kenneth Goldsmith
Nick Hallett
Ralph Lemon
Joseph Logan
Sylvère Lotringer
Sarah Michelson
Meredith Monk
Marina Rosenfeld
Jay Scheib
Lynne Tillman
Stephen Vitiello
Yasuko Yokoshi
Annie Ohayon
Scott M. Lawin
Ed Atkins