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The Kitchen announces its Winter 2017 season!

By The Kitchen

Dec 13, 2016

Dear Friends,

The Kitchen is proud to announce its Winter 2017 season, which presents remarkable new works and premieres by artists from New York and around the world.

Opening the year, Philippe Quesne’s singular La Mélancolie des dragons makes its New York debut (January 10–14), featuring a band of travelers whose car breaks down in the forest, prompting them to create a heavy-metal-themed amusement park.

Also in January, artists Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina collaborate on their exhibition, “Asymmetrical Response,” which traces the Internet’s cultural shift from a military technology to a platform for the free exchange of information, and, finally, the ambiguous “content delivery system” we know today.

And Paulina Olowska teams with choreographer Katy Pyle and composer Sergei Tcherepnin on Slavic Goddesses—A Wreath of Ceremonies (January 26–28). Once more taking up the question of feminism and cultural convention in her work, Olowska looks back to the example of early-20th-century artist Zofia Stryjenska, whose art and designs for theater were appropriated without citation by her government.

Later in the season, among new works are an opera by Raúl de Nieves and Colin Self, titled The Fool (February 9–11); Sara Magenheimer’s video installation, I Collect Neglected Venoms , appearing in our theater (February 24–March 4); and Jen Rosenblit and Geo Wyeth’s collaborative dance piece, Swivel Spot , which will appear in our second-floor space (March 1–4).

Finally, Half Straddle presents an open work period and colloquy, Here I Go, pt. 2 , urgently reclaiming, in the words of director Tina Satter, “spaces, ideas, and paradigms by female-identified and informed bodies and queer bodies embodying feminist ethos.”

And artist Martin Beck presents Last Night (March 23–25), a film composed of all the songs played by musical host David Mancuso at one of his final Loft parties of the 1980s. His first, on Valentine’s Day, 1970, was famously titled “Love Saves the Day.”

We cannot imagine a more motivating phrase as we move to 2017. And we look forward to seeing you soon!

Very best,
The Kitchen

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