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The Kitchen Incognito

By Nathaniel Hendrickson

Dec 15, 2016

Our interns regularly contribute to The Kitchen blog, and as the year comes to a close our fall 2016 Curatorial Intern Nathan created this short video:

Working at The Kitchen is a daily pursuit incognito. From the moment the first person arrives until the last person leaves, daily procedures are regularly performed behind the scenes. From the box office to the archive, every operation at The Kitchen is meticulously planned, carefully orchestrated, thoroughly documented, and sometimes improvised. Often not seen is the amount of energy that goes into sustaining this institution. Shot in MiniDV—a format no longer used by The Kitchen but indicative of its video archive—this video portrays just a glimpse of daily routines at The Kitchen. Featured in this video are Sondra Perry ’s exhibition "Resident Evil," preparations for Xaviera Simmons : Coded and a Synth Nights performance, and preparatory work for Cory Arcangel and Olia Liliana ’s forthcoming exhibition "Asymmetrical Response."

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