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Steadfastly The Kitchen

By Tim Griffin

Dec 13, 2019

If you visited The Kitchen during the past year, you found this storied arts institution standing strong within a swiftly changing city landscape. While construction sites have set our Chelsea neighborhood in flux, The Kitchen has steadfastly remained itself, a home for artists across disciplines to make their most groundbreaking work.

To keep our historic place as a non-profit art center in Chelsea, we need your support to ensure The Kitchen will remain such a platform for artists both now and for decades to come.

Your contribution will make possible The Kitchen’s unique collaborations with artists who receive extended time in our spaces so their projects may take new turns. Just this past summer, Kevin Beasley presented sculpture and performances in our theater, gallery, and offices, inviting artists like King Britt, Jason Moran, and Angie Pittman to consider how audiences can give new meaning to any space they occupy. Such a collaborative spirit was also found last spring in ANOHNI’s expansive new project in our theater and gallery, where she worked alongside artists from The Kitchen's history including Laurie Anderson and Charles Atlas. And last winter, one could see Tina Satter’s highly acclaimed play about Reality Winner, titled Is This A Room—whose convention-breaking approach followed the artist’s numerous residencies in The Kitchen’s theater and gallery in recent years.

During the season ahead, we are excited to offer artists even more time to forge new ways of creating and presenting work through long-term residencies. This week, Lauren Bakst’s after summer... is taking the stage at our new partner venue Queenslab in Ridgewood; and in January we are thrilled to welcome Richard Maxwell back to The Kitchen for the U.S. premiere of Queens Row, which will modify our gallery to become a stage for his latest play.

Your generosity allows us to maintain such an ever-expanding investment in our artists, giving us the confidence to collaborate with them in new ways time and again. A contribution of any amount—from $5 to $500, or more—helps these artists transform our stage and gallery with their genre-defying work.

On behalf of our board, staff, and, most important, our artists, thank you for your support of The Kitchen. We look forward to seeing you in the audience soon!

Please enjoy these highlights from our 2019 programs:

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