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Making a Move: Support The Kitchen

By Tim Griffin

Dec 2, 2014

Please make your contribution here today to make innovative programs possible at The Kitchen during the year ahead. And view artists' projects below that your support made possible in 2014!

Allowing artists to take chances has been The Kitchen’s mission going back to its beginnings in 1971, giving early shows to Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Joan Jonas, Christian Marclay, Laurie Anderson, and so many others. And yet this aspiration today requires that we do more than give artists a gallery or theater in which to work.

In fact, to help artists, dancers, and musicians to realize their visions to the fullest, The Kitchen regularly provides residency time, allowing artists to engage new threads in their development without the pressure of presenting finished projects. And, reflecting on the increasing interdisciplinarity of contemporary art, we work closely with artists to consider the potential meanings for their work as it moves from theater to gallery contexts.

And we provide artists with forums such as The Kitchen L.A.B. series to meet and speak with each other—sharing different ways of thinking about art in order to break new ground, and to collaborate in new ways.

Perhaps most important, however, we aspire to give artists the chance to take a chance. And this is possible only through your support. Please make a contribution today as we seek to enable innovative artists to make their boldest moves during the year ahead!


Tim Griffin
Executive Director & Chief Curator
The Kitchen


Photo: Trajal Harrell, (L) Antigone, Sr. © Paula Court

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