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Today's #BreakLunch

By The Kitchen

Feb 17, 2017

During the past month, The Kitchen has been proud to present Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina’s “Asymmetrical Response,” an exhibition that takes up not only the ambiguous character of contemporary media—questioning, in effect, the levers of power and flow of information within the Internet’s historical apparatus—but also, and as important, the fundamental value of simple dialogue among people today.

As much as Cory and Olia’s exhibition offers an incisive account of social structures and behaviors as they are shaped by digital technology, it is also a record of a decades-long conversation between two people with common interests. By committing to such continuing dialogues, whether in art or life, the most remarkable observations can be made—and the most lasting collective goals accomplished.

In this spirit of conversation toward engagement, and in solidarity with the national day of action taking place on February 17, The Kitchen will be hosting a #BreakLunch-inspired conversation in “Asymmetrical Response” this afternoon. We invite you to join us for discussion, and to engage both your colleagues and representatives, and support larger causes today wherever you may be.

Join us today for a #BreakLunch conversation in the gallery from 1–2pm.

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