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Total Recall: The Kitchen Site

By The Kitchen

Sep 9, 2013

Among the more intriguing back-stories of Gretchen Bender’s Total Recall, a 24-monitor, three-film-projection installation of what the artist termed “electronic theater”—currently on view at The Kitchen through September 21—is that her work took its name from a film that was only in production at the time. Originally appearing at The Kitchen in 1987, Bender’s endeavor was, in other words, titled “after” a film it nevertheless preceded—namely, Paul Verhoeven’s science-fiction action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which found its release only some three years later. Whatever past the work recalled was only yet to come. Apparently, Bender (1951–2004) was quite fond of such exercises in ambiguous temporality, regularly scanning Hollywood weeklies and dailies for the names of movi... Read On

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