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The Stuff of Joyful Experimentation

By Tim Griffin

Dec 22, 2020

Dear Friends, Over the years, I’ve drawn inspiration time and again from something The Kitchen’s co-founder, artist Steina Vasulka, once told me about how this singular organization emerged during the 1970s. “It wasn’t by plan,” she said. “At least not at the start. Instead, it came to be simply by virtue of people coming together—sometimes just by walking up unsolicited to the front door—and, through their work, creating a home.” Home is not always a word one readily associates with art. Or, for that matter, with organizations like The Kitchen, whose legacy is entwined with artists whose work sometimes prompts a forceful rethinking of convention, and of culture. (Even in our challenging times, my favorite Kitchen adage might remain one longtime board member telling me, “If I don’t... Read On

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Announcing Kitchen Magazine

By The Kitchen

Aug 3, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of Kitchen Magazine , a new publishing initiative that will house new texts alongside posts previously published on our blog. Part of The Kitchen OnScreen —our recently launched platform that houses all of our digital programming—Kitchen Magazine organizes into series the texts that we produce in parallel with our programmatic initiatives.  From this point forward, we will be sharing new texts on Kitchen Magazine only, and using this section of exclusively to share news and announcements.  For now, you can find all posts published from March 13, 2020 onward on Kitchen Magazine. In the coming months, we will re-publish on Kitchen Magazine all of the remaining posts that have appeared on our blog since its inception in Sep... Read On

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From Our Artists: Recent Projects Online

By Rayna Holmes

Jul 19, 2020

Please visit The Kitchen OnScreen to read this post along with other texts published in Kitchen Magazine. In an effort to support our artists during this moment in which concerts, exhibitions, album releases, book launches, and other events are cancelled or postponed, The Kitchen is compiling weekly selections of projects that you can engage with from home. Each week, we’ll highlight a Kitchen artist’s recent work—a new album, book, zine, essay, online exhibition, etc.—on our channels.  To receive these features in your feeds, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. A complete list of all featured artists is aggregated below. Check back every Saturday to see our latest weekly feature! JULY 19 Viola Yeşiltaç: beyinbeyin / brainbrain in Hear, Here (new sound work) ... Read On

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From the Archives: Joan Logue

By Keenan Saiz

Jul 13, 2020

Please visit The Kitchen OnScreen to read this post along with other texts published in Kitchen Magazine. “From the Archives” is a series that spotlights The Kitchen’s history. As a complement to our Archive Website, these posts offer focused reflections on the artists, exhibitions, events, and institutional practices that have defined and shaped The Kitchen since its founding in 1971. This From the Archives post is written by Keenan Saiz, Winter/Spring 2020 Curatorial Intern. ARTISTS ARE SKILLED AT ADAPTING to ever-changing conditions in society and technology. During a time when artists are grappling with the circumstances created by COVID-19 and quickly developing new avenues to show their work beyond physical spaces, I was inspired to look more closely at the care... Read On


Kitchen Memories: Summer of Alternative Histories

By Lauren Cronk

Jun 29, 2020

Please visit The Kitchen OnScreen to read this post along with other texts published in Kitchen Magazine. “Kitchen Memories” is a new series of first-hand reflections on past programming. Spotlighting a diverse range of perspectives from our community—including those of current and former staff members and artists—these posts reveal the ways that The Kitchen’s events, performances, and exhibitions inform these individuals’ work and thinking. This Kitchen Memories post is written by Lauren Cronk, Manager, Individual Giving and Events. WE WALKED DOWN TENTH AVENUE in the early afternoon, sun overhead with no shade cover from trees or buildings. On many blocks you could see directly out to the Hudson. We may have stopped into a few commercial galleries along the way; I... Read On

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