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LUMBERYARD in the City | A 5-Week Festival

Returning to The Kitchen for the second year, LUMBERYARD in The City is a five-week festival presenting artists who have developed work through LUMBERYARD’s Incubator program which culminates in these NYC performances. LUMBERYARD in The City begins with the mischievous and delightful David Gordon—whose prolific career began as a co-founder of the historic Judson Dance Theater and Grand Union in the 1960s. Gordon creates a work that combines dance, theater, and film to explore the process of archiving and living memory in an ephemeral art form. The “charmingly eccentric” Cynthia Hopkins follows, a master of the art of storytelling through song and movement. Our third artist is Vicky Shick, renowned for her enchantingly pure and fluid movement, peppered with subtleties of light and darkness. Fourth is Raja Feather Kelly/the feath3r theory, a postmodern riot or “mad scientist of an artist,” whose entire body of work honors the legacy of Andy Warhol through confrontations with pop culture, social construct, love, beauty, and humor. LUMBERYARD in The City’s final artist is Kyle Abraham, whose raw, evocative and robust movement delves into identity in relation to personal history—here exploring the concept of home.

Raja Feather Kelly/the feath3r theory
Another Fucking Warhol Production or Who’s Afraid of Andy Warhol?
June 22, 8pm
June 23, 8pm
June 24, 8pm

Learn More/Buy Tickets: www.thelumberyard.org/nyc/raja-feather-kelly-the-feath3r-theory

“As a director/choreographer, Kelly is a mad scientist of an artist”
-Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review 2015

Another fucking Warhol Production or Who's Afraid of Andy Warhol is a 2017 American docufiction performance, which will premiere as a part of Lumberyard/NYC at The Kitchen. Directed by Raja Feather Kelly, recipient of the 2016 Solange MacArthur Award for New Choreography, the performance stars Kelly and his company as themselves performing a post-ballet theatre musical that reimagines and attempts to re-create the unrecorded, deleted and lost footage from Saturday Night Live's 2015 Episode on Love and War (The Love Episode). Featuring musical guest Kanye West. The cast also includes Amy Gernux, Sara Gurevich, Rachel Pritzlaff, Collin Ranf, Aaron Moses Robin and Aitor Mendilibar as the camera man. 

Lighting Design by Tuce Yasak, Video by Laura Snow, Photography by Kate Enman and Sound Design by Emily Auciello.

Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion
Dearest Home
June 28, 8pm
June 29, 8pm
June 30, 8pm
July 1, 2pm
July 1, 8pm
July 2, 2pm

Learn More/Buy Tickets: www.thelumberyard.org/nyc/kyle-abraham

“...choreographer Kyle Abraham couldn’t be hotter right now.”
–Boston Globe

DEAREST HOME is an interactive dance work developed in a multi-year process, focused on Loving and Longing and Loss. Comprised primarily of solos and duets generated in conversation and collaboration with a variety of age groups and self-identified subcultures, HOME interweaves movement, in its most vulnerable or intimate state, with cross-cultural conversation and community action.

Previous Performances

David Gordon
Live Archiveography
June 1, 7:30pm (performance + Opening Night Reception)
June 2, 8pm
June 3, 8pm

Learn More/Buy Tickets: www.thelumberyard.org/nyc/david-gordon

“Gordon has never been too impressed by the difference between life and art. What he likes to do is set up shop right on the border.”
-New York Magazine

Choreographer and director David Gordon has assembled his archive for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. As part of that process, Gordon has made performance works titled Live Archiveography, his reconsideration of conventional archival methodology. Live scripted storytelling interlaces with projected collage. Performance photographs and videos plus interviews with collaborators capture five decades of Gordon’s work in movement and theater art. Through live performance, narration, and media display, Gordon reexamines the artifacts of his past projects, uncovering the intense relationship between his family life and his work.

Vicky Shick
Let it Linger 
June 8, 8pm
June 9, 8pm
June 10, 8pm

Learn More/Buy Tickets: www.thelumberyard.org/nyc/vicky-shick

“Her style – beautiful, tough and even a bit perverse— is reined in by a love of the absurd.”
-The New York Times
At Home is a movement piece in several segments, each one with a slightly different combination of inhabitants. Discomfort, perhaps even the unpleasant, are interspersed with attempts at intimacy and with robust and luscious physicality.

Cynthia Hopkins
Articles of Faith
June 15, 8pm
June 16, 8pm
June 17, 8pm

Learn More/Buy Tickets: www.thelumberyard.org/nyc/cynthia-hopkins

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“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” 
- Cormac McCarthy

In late May 2015, the author emerged from Yosemite National Park to learn that a catastrophic fire had destroyed her home and work studio, obliterating all record of past performances and the items used to make them — costumes, wigs, instruments, thousands of pages of hand-written notes, lyrics, musical compositions, hard drives and computers.
It was as if the fire was saying, “It’s time to tell a story unadorned, unmolested by theatrics, or wigs, or costumes, or lies. It’s time to tell the truth that is always more complex, more uncanny than anything anyone could ever invent.”
Articles of Faith is that story.
Created by musical performance artist Cynthia Hopkins in collaboration with designer Jeff Sugg.

Photo: Paula Court ©

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