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September 2022–September 2023
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The Kitchen’s L.A.B. Research Residency continues this spring through support from the Simons Foundation. The 12-month cycle (Fall 2022–Fall 2023) pays homage to The Kitchen’s new media roots by exploring the histories of art, science, and technology represented in the institution’s archive. This program is motivated by a recognition that the future of art is one that embeds itself in the world and requires “lab critical thinking” to test with care the critical theories that will help art, science, and technology grow and succeed.

For the initial year of this program, The Kitchen has invited a collective to be in residence: NYC-based School for Poetic Computation (SFPC), an organization that supports interdisciplinary study in art, code, hardware and critical theory. SFPC’s programs facilitate unlearning and learning, and challenge the capitalistic, heteronormative, and patriarchal canon of social and computer sciences. The Kitchen and SFPC have worked together to form four Research Groups comprising Primary Researchers and Advisors to pursue research inquiries throughout the residency. Over the course of the Winter/Spring season, the Research Groups will be engaging with archival materials to develop new ideas and projects. Programs resulting from these explorations are forthcoming in Spring and Summer, with details to be announced in future months.

The Research Groups include Primary Researcher Lillian-Yvonne Bertram with Advisors Melanie Hoff, Erik Loyer, and Eileen Isagon Skyers; Primary Researcher fields harrington with Advisors Zainab Aliyu, mayfield brooks, and Sebastián Morales Prado; Primary Researcher Romi Ron Morrison with Advisors Neta Bomani, Ryan C. Clarke, and Mendi Obadike; and Primary Researcher Asha Tamirisa with Advisors Galen Macdonald, Chakeiya Richmond, Tiri Kananuruk. Three additional artists—American Artist, Taylor Levy, and Che-Wei Wang—are participating as General Advisors to offer feedback across all four Research Groups.

The Kitchen L.A.B. Residency x Simons Foundation, in partnership with School for Poetic Computation Co-Directors Zainab Aliyu, Todd Anderson, American Artist, Neta Bomani, Melanie Hoff, Galen Macdonald, and Celine Wong Katzman, is organized by Legacy Russell, Executive Director & Chief Curator and Alison Burstein, Curator, with Angelique Rosales Salgado, Curatorial Assistant, and Daniella Brito, The Kitchen L.A.B. Research Residency x Simons Foundation Fellow.


School for Poetic Computation is an experimental school in New York that was founded in 2013. SFPC supports interdisciplinary study in art, code, hardware and critical theory. It is a place for unlearning and learning. SFPC’s programs challenge the capitalistic, heteronormative and patriarchal canon of social and computer sciences. SFPC attracts self-motivated creative thinkers and radical teachers. All participants are treated as collaborators, and the school formally encourages the power of learners to determine their experience & education. The unique culture of the institution is one based on communal care and solidarity across social differences. The pedagogical space framed in intimacy ideally allows for participants who are LGBTQIA+, Black, Indigenous, and/or Disabled to feel empowered that their ideas are important, necessary and central. Learn more about SFPC at: http://sfpc.study.

Banner images: 1) SFPC's former space at 155 Bank St. in New York. Image courtesy of the School for Poetic Computation.  2) Hardware installation in SFPC's former studio at 155 Bank St. in New York, 2018. Photo by Filip Wolak.

Image descriptions: 1) A glass windowed storefront with the street side view of trees and sidewalk visible in the reflective surface while the interior of work tables, computers, and people at those work stations is visible through the glass. On each window’s bottom-left corner are small cut-out paper letters, each of the four windows reading “School,” “For,” “Poetic,” and “Computation.” 2) A white wall upon which a pin-board poster with many small and detailed components is squarely hung, with some metallic gadgets and measuring objects partially visible below the poster. On the white pin-board are many small tacs and orange tape holding schematics, notes, designs, small wires, and deconstructed bits of circuitry.

Images: 1) Glomar Response (Two Bit Poem), 2018 by SFPC Co-Director Galen Macdonald. Photo by Filip Wolak.  2) SFPC Co-Director Neta Bomani assisting participants during Poetic: Computation Detroit at Talking Dolls in Detroit, MI, 2019. Photo by Charlie G. 3) SFPC Co-Director American Artist speaking at the Jam Handy in Detroit, MI, 2019. Photo by Charlie G. 4) The Code Societies classroom at 155 Bank St. in New York, 2020. Image courtesy of the School for Poetic Computation.

Image descriptions: 1) Embedded onto a cardboard box implanted with LED lights is an exposed circuit board of red, blue, green, and yellow wires with metallic hardware and plastic joints. The rectangular lights face the camera, two lit and two dim, with a thin, ghostly phrase of text over lights reading “Confirm,” “Deny,” “Existence,” and “Non-Existence.” The whole mechanism rests atop a partially exposed white paper with the machine’s design outlined in pen, all posed atop a light woodgrain tabletop surface. 2) Several members of the School for Poetic Computation gather around partially visible desktop computer screens before a white wall, three members gazing together at one screen with curious or excited expressions, several partially visible behind the small group each engaged in work or conversation. 3) American Artist wears a black button down shirt and stands at a podium while speaking into a microphone at an event for the School for Poetic Computation. An audience gathered before and below the raised platform stage, a distressed brick wall behind Artist as he speaks toward the audience, and a partially visible projection screen floats to his left, the viewer’s right. 4) Members of the School for Poetic Computation sit around a large table before their individual computers, most engaged in their individual tasks or screens, some turning to look at a partially visible projection on the back wall while others seem to converse closely in the somewhat crowded, dimly lit, white-walled classroom space.


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