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September 2022–September 2023
The Kitchen at Westbeth (163B Bank Street, 4th Floor Loft) and Offsite Locations
Program dates forthcoming
Tickets sliding scale $5-15 (to be released)

For their residency, Montez Press Radio will think beyond not only the walls of The Kitchen, but the walls of Montez Press Radio’s home base of 46 Canal Street, to explore the disparate relationship between the face-to-face nature of live performance and the diffuse nature of online distribution. Does broadcasting as a medium for recorded and live audio projects have the ability to convey the here and now beyond the here and now? The efforts of Montez Press Radio’s ongoing research, dialogue, and exchange will come more fully into focus with The Kitchen and Montez Press Radio teaming up to co-present a series of performances throughout Spring 2023: a short radio play staged in a lobby, directed by Salome Oggenfuss, written by doorman and playwright Carlos Cotto, and produced in collaboration with the The Working Theater (March 2023); the debut of new songs off singer-songwriter, bedroom pop sensation, and prolific public performer Mat Kastella's upcoming self-titled EP, live with back-up dancers (May 2023); The Song of Dirt Stammers our Tongue, a radio operetta directed by its librettist Esther Sibiude, semi-staged and performed by a five-player ensemble live and in costume (June 2023); and Cape, a muso-poetical play by LAMB (Nala Duma) following characters in the early-1500s who discover a portal that allows them to travel great distances (June 2023). Montez Press radio will also continue/revive the Oral Histories Project that took place at The Kitchen between 2009 and 2014, and create ongoing radio segments engaging The Kitchen’s archive and the organization’s community.

Salome Oggenfuss's short radio play with people involved in the Working Theater, a program for metropolitan workers (Postal workers, domestic workers, building service workers, etc.) to develop their own plays and act in them in an effort to combat the sense of alienation many workers feel towards their jobs.

The Song of Dirt Stammers our Tongue is a radio operetta directed by its librettist Esther Sibiude, with music created and arranged in collaboration with an ensemble of five players: vocalist Lucia della Paolera, violist Justine Lugli, cellist Timothy Rusterholz, organist Thomas Hobson Williams playing the synthesizer, and Sibiude playing the harp. As in Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, each of the instruments in this new work illustrates a character or theme from the poetic text. Musical threads weave together moments of genesis. A woman wrapped in a dream spins a tale of the origin of the universe, evoking "the first morning of the world" through a blade of grass, an inflated second, one thin light. The piece will be semi-staged and performed live with musicians wearing fantastical costumes that combine forms drawn from the natural world with inspiration from the expressionist dance costumes of the Weimar era. The 40 minute medley of new compositions by the group set to original text by Sibiude is combined with improvisation, pop, folk, sacred and classical pieces.

After conquering New York City subway stations, touring the US last summer, and working on new material in Asia at the start of 2023, Mat Kastella is BACK in NYC taking to the stage with a sneak peak of songs off of his debut self-titled EP in his very first Live Concert Special.

LAMB brings us a muso-poetical play titled Cape which follows five characters who live on an unnamed coastal landmass in the early 1500s. One day, a portal door materializes on the cape; the passageway allows one to instantly traverse thousands of miles of global distance. Braced against this new apprehension of the world, the five characters (the Lovers, the Cartographer, the Spinner, and the Poet) grapple with world-mapping, self-coordination, and relation in a suddenly global world.

The Kitchen x Montez Press Radio is organized by Legacy Russell, Executive Director & Chief Curator, with Angelique Rosales Salgado, Curatorial Assistant.


Montez Press Radio is an experimental broadcasting and performance platform. Founded in 2018 with the goal of fostering greater experimentation and conversation between artists, writers, and thinkers through the medium of radio. This platform invites different corners of the art world to interact with each other in person and on air—a place where media finally meets flesh. Montez Press Radio is drawn to art that exists in the unexpected, the authenticity of sharing without a script, the sounds of ideas in the making, conversation that forgets there’s an audience. All of its in-studio broadcasts are free and open to the public. Montez Press Radio’s archive is an ongoing auditory document of Montez Press Radio’s existence. It is not designed to reflect the ingenuity of post-production, but rather serves as a catalog of rough cuts which contain all the small glitches, false starts, and awkward silences that are intrinsic to our process of live recording and running an event space. Montez Press Radio is as much a radio broadcast as it is a reflection of particular moments in time.

Salome Oggenfuss is a Casting Director based in NYC who specializes in casting "real people," actors and models for film, fashion, advertising, theater, editorial and other media, and works both in the US and internationally. Hailing from a filmmaking and photography background, Salome has a passion for discovering unique people and stories, as well as a love for the collaborative creative process. Their casting approach employs street casting, extensive research as well as sourcing talent from the world of actors, artists and social media to create a highly curated and authentic cast tailored to the needs of each project. Their client list includes: A24, PASTEL, Animal Kingdom, Somesuch, Adult Swim, Vogue, Instagram, Timberland, amongst several others.

Working Theater exists to create theater specifically for, about and with working people, the community that makes up the majority of the overall metropolitan workforce. To that end, Working Theater makes their productions relevant, accessible and affordable to all regardless of geography or socio-economic status because they believe that theater should be a part of everyone’s everyday culture.

Esther Sibiude is a radio artist and harpist. She seeks to create space for contemplation and deceleration. The combination of music and storytelling is an attempt to collectively digest the gush of information disseminated by the news through endless digital feeds.

Mat Kastella TK TK bio.

Nana Duma, known by their stage name LAMB, is a dancer and musical artist creating a unique and ethereal sound which transcends genre. They currently study at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Their most recent album “Perfect Blue” was released in the Spring of 2020 and can be purchased on Bandcamp. Ntu’s new song “This Ascent to Conant” is a beautiful tribute to J Dilla (1974-2006) and, in the artist’s own words, “a dedication to the ongoing legacy of afrofuturism as a Black fugitive project.” For Ntu, J Dilla’s work is an aural embodiment of love itself, and this song is a composition of their love and appreciation for the influence his work has had on their artistry. “This Ascent To Conant” serves as the soundscape for our first issue, The Love Revolution.

Image: Montez Press Radio logo. Courtesy of Montez Press Radio.

Image description: Light yellow background featuring an imprint of distorted “M” letters with stamps that read “radio.montezpress.com” in blue at several angles.

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