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The Kitchen will host a memorial celebration to honor the artist Z’EV, after his passing this winter. The evening will include live and recorded music by Z'EV, Shelley Hirsch + David Weinstein, Carl Stone, David Linton, Elliott Sharp, Zach Layton, Bob Bellerue, and Julien Ottavi, with remarks, remembrances, and images by Ellen Zweig, Ned Sublette, Roberta Friedman, Livia Polanyi, Steve Speer, and Paula Court.

June 23, 7pm

Z’EV (born Stephan Joel Weisser) was a composer/percussionist, visual artist, poet and theorist. Since the late 1970s, he created his own abstract percussion soundscapes out of found materials, and he is regarded as a pioneer of industrial music (though he did not like the term himself). In his long career, he devised unique performance strategies to explore sound in spaces, starting with acoustic sound and later working also with electronic sound. Critic Roy Sablosky wrote: "Z'EV doesn't just break the rules, he changes them." Journalist Louis Morra wrote in 1983: "Z'EV is a consummate example of contemporary performance art, as well as modern composition and theater;" and "Z'EV realizes many of modernist art's ultimate goals: primitivism, improvisation, multi-media/conjunction of art forms, the artist as direct creator." 

Z’EV presented several key performances at The Kitchen in the 1980s and went to Europe on a tour organized by The Kitchen. Although born in Los Angeles, he always preferred living in Europe, and The Kitchen tour was the beginning of his life in Amsterdam and London. For many years, he toured within Europe, where he was lauded as an innovator. In 2011, he performed again at The Kitchen in a program called Aluminum Music, as part of The Kitchen’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

Best known for his explorations of acoustic phenomenon, Z’EV was also a sculptor and a sound poet. He wrote extensively on Kabbalah and rhythm–Rhythmajik–which he noted "is not about music but spells out the use of rhythm and sound and proportion for trance and healing.” His sound works, videos, and writings can be found at www.rhythmajik.com

The Kitchen mourns the loss of Z’EV and invites you to join us in honoring his memory. 

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Images: Z'EV at The Kitchen in 2011, from Heart Beat Ear Drum, a film by Ellen Zweig.

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