Talking Dance

Artist(s): Various Artists

Date: January 1, 2001-February 1, 2001

Talking Dance, a two part performance series curated by Dean Moss, aimed to combat the myth dance and language are inherently at odds. Talking Dance brought together two programs of experimental dance: one full of ’60s post-modern icons, and another with early-mid career choreographers working within the same legacy. Lucy Sexton and Anne Iobst of Dancenoise hosted both shows, and post-show panels were moderated by scholar Maura Keefe. Reviews from Wendy Perron, Gia Kourlas, and Jack Anderson recount a mixed bill of interpretations. In Accumulation With Talking Plus Water Motor, Trisha Brown spoke about making dances as she performed a piece of her choreography. Blondell Cummings paired her moving body with recordings of middle-aged women talking about aging. Miguel Gutierrez, true to form, performed a talking dance about talking dance titled It’s Time for Another One of Those Crazy Talking Dances in collaboration with Sarah Michelson.

Program 1: Ann Carlson, Blondell Cummings, Douglas Dunn, David Gordon, Bill T. Jones, and Yvonne Rainer

Program 2: Katie Duck, Elevator Repair Service, Foofwa d’Imobilité, Miguel Gutierrez, Sarah Michelson, Cynthia Oliver, and Jamie Sneider

Postcard for Talking Dance at The Kitchen, January–February, 2001. Front and back.