Spotlight: Fluxus

Lilly Cao, Summer 2020 Curatorial Intern, investigates connections between The Kitchen and the Fluxus movement using three events from *Flux Concert*,a night of over thirty performances by prominent Fluxus artists hosted at The Kitchen in 1979. Fluxus and The Kitchen share a lengthy, concrete history—yet fittingly, this history appears as indeterminate as the art of Fluxus itself. This On File Spotlight reflects on the group’s artistic influence on early Kitchen curators, performers, and artists such as Yasunao Tone, La Monte Young, and Nam June Paik.

Feb 13 - Feb 24, 1979

Video Laughing:

Nam June Paik, The Kipper Kids, Tom Johnson, Willam Wegman

Mar 24 - Mar 24, 1979

Flux Concert:

Various Artists

Sep 29 - Sep 29, 1979

Voice and Phenomena:

Yasunao Tone, Mimi Johnson, Yoshiharu Suenobu, David Tudor, Martin Kalve

Rae Imamura at The Kitchen, September 16, 1980. Photo by Paula Court.

Sep 16 - Sep 16, 1980

Rae Imamura:

George Lewis, Gerald Oshita, Jacques Bekaert, John Bischoff, Lou Harrison, Rae Inamura

Spotlight: Describing the Ephemeral

How do artists employ, defy, and reimagine language in performance? How do artists turn text into a performative medium? During Summer 2021 Curatorial Interns Maryam Rahaman and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss used The Kitchen’s social media platform to challenge the relationship between language and performance throughout our history, highlighting past programs and events from our archive. This On File Spotlight examines the relationships between description and time-based programming.

May 4 - May 7, 1976

A Typing Work Show / A Solo Piece:

Christopher Knowles

Jan 1 - Feb 1, 2001

Talking Dance:

Various Artists

Mar 27 - Apr 5, 2002


Sarah Michelson

Oct 20 - Oct 21, 1998

Footnotes: Six Choreographers Inscribe the Page:

Douglas Dunn, Elena Alexander, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Kenneth King, Marjorie Gamso, Sarah Skaggs, Yvonne Meier