The Show (Achilles Heels)

Artist(s): Arto Lindsay, Debbie Harry, Les Dickert, Pilar Limosner, Rasta Thomas, Richard Move

Date: April 27, 2006-May 6, 2006

The Kitchen, in association with the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation and MoveOpolis!, presented the New York premiere of Richard Move's The Show (Achilles Heels), an inventive contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek legend of Achilles. In this evening-length "dance-play," Move took a wild spin on the original story's themes of war, honor, loyalty, immortality, and fate, as he brought to the stage a radical convergence of dance, text, glamour, and reality television show antics.

Originally commissioned for the White Oak Dance Project in 2002, The Show was created, directed, and choreographed by Move and featured Deborah Harry (Blondie), Rasta Thomas, Migeul Anaya, Catherine Cabeen, Katherine Crockett, Roger C. Jeffrey, Blakely Whte-McGuire, Kevin Scarpin, and Heather Walson. The original score is by Arto Lindsay, set design by Nicole Eisenman, lighting design by Les Dickert, and costumes by Pilar Limosner.

Postcard for Richard Move, "The Show (Achilles Heel)," April 27–May 6, 2006.