Product Image

Roe Ethridge

Smoke for Ice and Fire (Kitchen Dressing Room), 2020


From October 2020 through March 2021, The Kitchen presented Ice and Fire, a benefit exhibition featuring artworks by over fifty artists from throughout the organization’s community. Organized by artists and Board Members Wade Guyton and Jacqueline Humphries. On the occasion of this exhibition and in celebration of The Kitchen’s 50th anniversary in 2021, Roe Ethridge created this special photographic edition.

The photograph, taken at The Kitchen in February 2021, is part of an untitled series of images that document The Kitchen’s 19th Street space before a planned renovation takes place. In his work, Ethridge uses the real to suggest—or disrupt—the ideal. In documenting The Kitchen and the many layers embedded in its floors from 36 years of programming, Ethridge continues his practice of revealing the fine line between the generic and the personal, merging art-historical genres with the increasingly pervasive image culture of the present.


Dye sublimation print on aluminum

13.33 x 2 in.

Edition of 80 with 20 APs

Each edition is accompanied by a signed and numbered artwork label


Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition will support artists whose groundbreaking, genre-defying work appears at The Kitchen throughout the upcoming season.