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Friday, May 17, 2024

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Dia Chelsea, New York. Photo: Elizabeth Felicella. Courtesy of Dia Art Foundation.
Dia Chelsea, New York. Photo: Elizabeth Felicella. Courtesy of Dia Art Foundation.

The Kitchen x Dia Art Foundation


By The Kitchen

September 13, 2022

Dia Art Foundation and The Kitchen are thrilled to announce a new, cross-institutional partnership to further the path-breaking energy that has defined both institutions for more than fifty years.

As responsive, artist-centered organizations, Dia and The Kitchen will collaborate across media and genres to blur boundaries, propose collective exhibition and performance models, and cultivate experiences that unfold through multiple temporalities and platforms, both embodied and virtual. Artists will have the opportunity to draw upon both institutions’ deep histories of experimentation, engaging with the ephemeral practices cultivated and indexed by The Kitchen and its archive, while being in dialogue with questions of duration and permanence posed by Dia’s sites, collection, and program.

With Dia’s revitalization of its West 22nd Street location—Dia Chelsea—and The Kitchen about to embark on its own renovation, this partnership invites these two risk-taking organizations to build upon decades of dialogue, reinvest in their relationship to the Chelsea neighborhood, and propose collaborative, daring work that will expand engagement with artists, publics, and each other.


Dia Art Foundation is committed to advancing, realizing, and preserving the vision of artists. Dia fulfills its mission by commissioning single-artist projects, organizing exhibitions, realizing site-specific installations, and collecting, in-depth, the work of a focused group of artists of the 1960s and 1970s.