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Virginia Overton

Untitled (pipe), 2021


In celebration of The Kitchen’s 50th anniversary and recent Ice and Fire exhibition, Virginia Overton has created a special sculptural work that continues explorations of the performative nature of sculpture and the personal histories materials and objects embody. Overton first collaborated with The Kitchen in 2012 to present one of her first solo exhibitions in New York. Crafted entirely from materials found throughout The Kitchen's building, the untitled show worked to set up provisional relationships between sculptures and the surrounding architecture, with audiences’ heightened awareness of weight-bearing loads. Nine years later, Overton continues to underscore how objects and images are asked to perform in various contexts. This new limited edition was created with piping taken directly from The Kitchen's building on 512 West 19th Street, bringing the ubiquity of such objects in direct conversation with the ways it makes the building itself unique. With The Kitchen's upcoming renovation in sight, the work also pays tribute to places and objects from the pre-renovated building that will soon no longer exist.


Pipe and clamps

25.5 x 25.5 x 4.25 in.

Edition of 7 with 1 AP


Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition will support artists whose groundbreaking, genre-defying work appears at The Kitchen throughout the upcoming season.